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Remix the medium for Moms.

20 one minute videos to help Moms. Each video is visually told through handmade plush characters, paper cut illustrations and mixed media. Set in colorful environments and captured in stop-motion.


There is still a lot of topics Moms are searching for online, but they aren't finding helpful content to support them and their families.


Moms are utilizing a variety of information sources. The tone was designed to balance a feeling of friendly, compassionate, authoritative and trust-worthy content.


Stop motion animation, custom music and sound design brought the sets, characters and mixed mediums to life.


Visualizing tantrums, peer pressure and the socially awkward times of puberty is a challenge. Most minds go to an unpleasant place when you think of new hair growth. However, Moms come from a place of love and understanding even when their 2-year-old is crying on the floor in the grocery store. Plush characters bring out the softer side of these stressful moments.

Paper Cut

With objects like buildings, flowers and boats, paper cut illustration was the media chosen to visualize the scenes for sibling rivalry, helping around the house and building a network. Each scene was designed to have a handmade feel that support moments when Moms need to be Mom on the fly. Layering the paper on tiny risers created subtle dropshadows that added depth and elegance to support how Moms handle delicate situations.

Mixed Media

School involvement, being a good sport and personal hygeine are topics that naturally led to physical objects that we know and have a relationship with. These elements were combined with paper cut and other practical items to create vibrant, minimal and dimensional scenes. The mixed media approach support the action-oriented moments in Moms' lives.

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