Rebrand - Design System

Eliminate HAIs

The new Cantel brand is designed to visually reinforce the mission: eliminate HAIs (hospital-aquired infection) and protect people through product design, systems support and integration programs.


The identity is a reflection of the leadership, passion and drive within the company behind the mission. The logo, a shield, is iconic in its symbolism of protection. The gradating bands that make up the shield are representative of Cantel's global span.

Within the identity, a graphic system utilizing a hash element connects layout and text combinations. Subtle and bold applications throughtout communications are continued reminders of our mission to eliminate HAIs. Designed to expand and contract as a flexible element, it has the ability to work across all brand applications.

As a stand alone solid, the hash can be placed over bacteria imagery. Minimized to a stroke, it can be a simple design element within a layout. Expanded to a dot pattern, it can be used to connect color blocks, text and supporting graphic elements. Scaled up beyond a crop, it becomes a bold anchor that can be layered upon.

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