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Let the Music Move You

Airing in Time Square and CES, this 30 second spot needed to communicate the experience of listening to the new SonicPro® Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones without hearing any sound.


Staying true to the sound quality you expect from AT, the styling accents of this new headphone speak to the sophisticated audiophile with a sense of fashion.


Contemporary environments were built around two characters that embody sophistication, style, fashion and creativity.


The Phantom Flex4k was used to suspend time and our talent in mid air. Beneath each talent was a custom built, budget friendly stand that was painted out in post.

Custom Music

In addition to being a silent spot aired in Times Square and a center piece of AT's CES booth, it was used for pre-roll ads and a brand video on AT's youtube page. Aligning with the spot's sense of style, a custom track was created to support the weighlessness and transformative space the characters were in during their listening experience.

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