Rebrand - Design System


The Alltran brand is designed to be welcoming and sophisticated. It supports their mission to transform an industry, the lives of familes and individuals through financial resolve.


The identity was built to reinforce qualites of precision, partnership and trust. The logo, a custom word mark establishes trust with a display weight balanced by friendly curves for approachability. Precision cuts in the A are a nod to detail while the two diagonal strokes support each other signifying partnership.

With sights set on an industry shift, approachability and empathy were key factors the brand needed to convey. The use of color plays a big role in achieving this goal. Rooted in financial tradition navy was shifted toward magenta for a more contemporary feel. To compliment the history of the primary color, a fresh mint was chosen to signify new beginnings. The light grey was chosen to soften stark white. Touches of light purple and bright yellow are used to reinforce positivity in achieving financial goals.

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